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Friday, November 05, 2004

Science blogs, blogging

A kind of neat resource for science blogs is Tangled Bank

In cooperation with several other of us geeky science types, I am pleased to announce our own version of the "Carnival of the Vanities". A Carnival is a weekly showcase of good weblog writing, selected by the authors themselves (that's the vanity part). Each week, one of our crew will highlight a collection of interesting weblog articles in one convenient place, making it easy for everyone to find the good stuff. Two things will distinguish us from the original "Carnival of the Vanities": 1) we are specifically restricting ourselves to articles in the field of science and medicine, very broadly defined, and 2) we've got a different name. Our weekly compendium of great science weblog articles will be called the Tangled Bank, after Charles Darwin's famous metaphor...

Also, Sean Carroll has a lot of science blogs on his blogroll. Instead of saying that there aren't scientist blogs, I think it's fair to say that they don't necessarily participate in feedster or technorati. After all, you pretty much have to nominate yourself to be in those. What I found when I was doing my now somewhat famous b/ITe article was that most of the so-called blog search engines really just search feeds that have been submitted. If the blog a) doesn't have a feed or b) until recently if the feed is only in ATOM or c) the author isn't trying to get noticed or d) if the feeds are title only ... it's not really that likely you'll find it in technorati and the like.


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