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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ives: New Tools To Link the Changing Workforce

Accidentally cross posted on my library blog! Bill Ives has gotten permission to open up access to his writings for KM Review. Free registration is required. Of specific interest to me is his newest one, Ives, Athey and Joost, "New Tools to Link the Changing Workforce," v7 i4 (Sep/Oct 2004)28-31. Just about every organization remotely related to aerospace is facing a crisis: the majority of the engineers are ready to retire. KM has long been touted as the solution to all our problems. Unfortunately, instead of a panacea, KM's become a money drain with small ROI and low participation (some places, not in my workplace, of course). This article discusses some ways blogs might work better for KM than the standard repositories. Maybe we need a combined oral history/storytelling/blogging software?


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