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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Slides from my presentation to the Potomac Valley Chapter of ASIS&T

I've forwarded the entire presentation to the PVC chair who will get them loaded on the website. Here's the html version:
Soup: Blog Basics in the Enterprise
Christina K. Pikas
About Me
  • Librarian/researcher at APL in the Science and Technology section of the RE Gibson Library & Information Center
  • Science and Navy background
  • Blogger (,
  • Fast follower in new technologies
  • Personal research interests include information seeking by scientists and engineers andpersonal information management.
  • Introduction to blogs, blogging, and feeds
  • Use of blogs and feeds
  • Libraries
  • Other organizations
We WILL run out of time. There is more here than can be covered. Stop me with questions! What is a Blog?
  • Reverse chronological listing of discrete posts each having a permanent link.
  • They use the technology of the web
    • XML
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Back end is ASP .net, Perl, etc.
  • Run on a web server, can be database driven
  • Format, usage, methods of interconnection differentiate them from other web media
Anatomy of a Blog

Anatomy of a Post

Different Types of Blogs Setting
  • Personal, public or private
  • Corporate/enterprise/ organization, internal
  • Corporate/enterprise/ organization, external

From: Frederik Wacka, Corporate Blogging Blog, August 10, 2004, http://www.corporateblogging.i nfo/2004/08/six-types-of-business-blogs.asp Contributors
  • Automatically compiled from multiple sources
  • Collaborative blogs
  • Individual blogs
What Are Feeds?
  • Generally, automatically generated XML files that provide titles, summaries, and links to full content
  • Several competing standards
  • Aggregators
  • Where do feeds come from?
    • Most blogging software automatically creates at least one type of feed
    • Third party scrapers create feeds from web sites
    • Newspapers, journals, databases create feeds
  • Program your own
Uses of Blogs in Libraries
  • SDI, TOC alerts
  • To promulgate results of environmental scanning
  • Library news (new books, new hours, database updates)
  • Internal communications
    • Popular assignments
    • Tricks of the trade
    • Project management
    • Shift logs (broken equipment, visitors, open tickets)
Important Things to Know to Get Started at your Place of Work
  • The software/platform is the easy part
    • When in doubt, use Blogger or Typepad
    • Customize templates with brand information
  • Policies are a hard part
    • Public or intranet?
    • IP considerations (may need access control)
    • Levels of access/privacy, use of information
    • Will anyone be allowed to post, comment, trackback?
    • Time allowed
    • Culture that supports knowledge sharing?
The Other Hard Part: Buy-in
  • Management has to ok time and resources spent
  • IT may have to support server
  • Individual bloggers have to commit
More things to think about: Access and Preservation
  • Re-finding posts
    • An enterprise search may take care of this
    • Changing the post template to add meta-data may help
    • Start a portal site with a “blogroll” of company bloggers
  • Categorization
    • NOT assigned from above or default, assigned on the fly
    • Crosswalks to existing taxonomies may be helpful
  • Archives
Recommended Reading Updated: added very necessary line breaks, tags. It's still ugly -- if you're going to print, maybe you should wait for the pdf to appear? Update: 3/18/05 - - the slides are up in PDF here. Update: Where did all the images go?


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