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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Cote's Weblog - Enterprise Blogging in Practice, Notes

Found on CorporateBloggingBlog. There's a follow-up post here. Note: I posted this over the weekend but the post is missing. Regrets if you're seeing this twice.
What's very interesting about this post is that the author gives honest feedback from an IT guy on setting up blogs on the intranet. He brings up some interesting points. First, users should be able to create new blogs without admin help. Second, the blogging guru can make comments on different blogs and talk about blog posts in the halls to encourage users. Some other things I knew, but I'm glad to see repeated: fear of sharing, need for enterprise search, need for local aggregators, opposition from the people who paid $$$ for a complex content management system... See also his survey of types of posts.


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