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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tech Republic: Why blogging matters to your business and your IT

Pointed out by Topix (which has been doing really well recently in delivering meta information on blogs and blogging).
1/21/05, commentary by David Berlind (also available via podcast, here, I think).
Berlind has recently started using a Userland blog and has started a conversation with Userland CEO Scott Young.
In this brief article, he neatly places blogs in corporations and contrasts them with e-mail and complex content management systems. For organizations that have spent lots of money developing CMS-es and portals, how do you sell blogs? How do users decide to e-mail, wiki, upload to a CMS or document management system, or blog some piece of information?
Anyway, it's an interesting article worth at least a quick scan. He's a real RSS believer, too.


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