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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Contentious: Blogging Style: The Basic Posting Formats (Series Index)

Writer Amy Gahran offers a list of the types of text blogs. 9/22/04 Pointed out by Bill Ives, who saw it on Dina Mehta's page. I have to say that type 4, list format, really drives me up a wall! I like to see only one thought/theme per post. Also, (and importantly) all of these assume you're writing for an audience. In blogging for km, I believe the employees should be encouraged to blog for themselves for PKM (or PIM) and for their teammates for km. Identifying and targeting a larger audience is v. important for external blogs... but for internal? Comments anyone?


  • I should probably think about this some more before responding. I don't really think about format too much when I blog. My style is pretty steady: a link with a few brief paragraphs of text directly related to that link.

    I think even for internal blogs being shared with others, style and format are important. The questions, of course, are how important is it and can style (or lack of style) interfere with the purpose of the blog. Maybe someone focuses so much on style, it interferes with her ability to blog. Style can be a great way to attract blog readers. But will people turn away from a blog they find really useful because they find the style or format problematic?

    By Blogger j, at 5:17 PM  

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