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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mopsos - Blogging to become a legal obligation?

This is in response to a very good question received at the talk. When all the data/information/knowledge you share at work belongs to the company, what happens when you leave? Does every idea you expressed in your company blog belong to them? The general idea in the US is that whatever's done on company time using company resources (to include your brain?) belongs to the company. Dugage blogs this from a French point of view which seems pretty extreme to him but I believe is more typical in the US. If your company has a knowledge hoarding atmosphere or if your colleagues feel they need to hold back because they're getting ready to leave, this whole blog thing and KM thing won't fly. He ends his post with this suggestion
In the end, it might well be that the best interest for both parties is to have every employee keep written logs –one per community- of everything they do. The employee can then use the blog records to prove that he did not withhold information from the company. If he cannot, well, too bad for him.
Sound like a place for blogs? Maybe?


  • One of the ramifications of moving towards "knowledge jobs" is tension and outright struggle as employers confront the fact that the employees own the means of production, and that the employers might want to change that.

    By Blogger Lisa, at 3:57 PM  

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