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Monday, November 22, 2004

WRT Question: Math in blogs?

I recently did a little research on Math on the web to see if anything had changed in the almost ten years since I was doing a lot of math. The answer is that very little has changed! There's still a dichotomy between software that does the work and software that does the presentation (mark-up). The majority of product right now include the equations as images/graphics/.gifs. MathML might eventually fix this problem, but we appear to be years away from widespread use. Generally, if you use MathLab, Mathematica, etc., you save as HTML or XML and it creates pictures that show the equations -- correct me if I'm wrong. Since there's really no new technology in blogs - it's all just XML and HTML - you do the same thing you do with any other web page. It depends on where you host your photos and blog if the images come through in the feed. Here's my post on math on the web. Here are my posts on searching math on the web.


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