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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Charlene Li: One company's use of internal blogs

Charlene Li is the Forrester researcher who recently wrote a report on corporate blogging (November 5, 2004, Blogging: Bubble Or Big Deal? When And How Businesses Should Use Blogs). In the post linked above she describes what one forward thinking company is doing with blogs. As a couple of information architects asked at ASIS&T, how is this different from a portal? I think blogs can be part of the content that feed the portals, automatically generated XML feeds make this easier - not instead of but as a content generator for. This reminds me of a recent article from the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (Perret, Borges, and Santoro, "Applying Group Storytelling in Knowledge Management" LNCS 3198 (October 2004): 34–41, here for everyone else) UPDATE 12/2: somehow the rest of the post is missing... I said something like this: The authors discuss the richness and value of adding stories to km and im for projects and companies. They created another software to allow for collaborative storytelling. My issues were 1) it's separate from other project information 2) everyone hates when someone finishes their story for them and ruins the ending -- IOW, I'm skeptical of the collaborative part. I think you need each individual's story from their point of view, then you can read them all and see a better view of the whole. I think blogs like what Li suggests might be a better way, and they can be incorporated into the project managment content.


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