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Friday, August 27, 2004

Upcoming Blog Talks, Part 2

I've been working with the professional development director of the SLA News Division about very fundamental plans for a blogging continuing education course at the next SLA Annual Conference. He told me today that he turned in the course proposal and thinks it's okay for me to start generating buzz about the course. SLA still has to approve the course, but we'll be surprised if they don't. Once we get the okay from SLA, we'll start working on a plan and tracking down speakers. I will share this news on the scratchpad later tonight. If you would like to help me generate buzz, that's totally cool, but I would appreciate it if you could hold off until I post it on the scratchpad. I'm really excited about this!

Also, it looks like the SLA Boston Chapter program on blogging will be on Saturday, October 30, at Mount Holyoke from 1-4 pm. I'm not sure if that means I'll/we'll be talking for three hours or if that includes time for registration and networking. Garrett, Kris, any interest in sharing the podium? Christina already commented that she may not be able to make it. Since it's the day before Halloween and it's a Saturday, the program planner, Dorothy Barr, and I have been considering doing something with costumes or insisting that people come in casual dress. I'm not sure how public this information is yet--if we can do "save the date" kinds of announcements or if I shouldn't be typing the sketchy details on the Internet.

I finally got clearance from work to go to Wisconsin in about three weeks and to be on the ASIST panel. It looks like I can only be away from work on the day of our panel, though, so I don't think I can go to the rest of the conference.


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