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Friday, August 27, 2004

Sebastien Paquet: Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research

From 10/2002 but relevant. (update: forgot to say where I found it. Pointed out by Elmine Wijnia ) Here are some things of interest that I found: Selection of material - basically says that with information overload you can use comments and the selections of others in their blogs to decide if material is worth using (he calls it triangulation). Also mentions pitfalls of citations to gauge value. Information routing - information spreading across geographic or disciplinary boundaries The difference between pkp and k-logging -
I wish to make a distinction between personal knowledge publishing and knowledge logging or K-logging. K-logging is actually the more general term of the two. It encompasses personal knowledge publishing, which consists of publishing on the Web for everyone to see, as well as "inward" K-logging, where knowledge sharing is restricted to an organization, and typically supported by an intranet. The distinction has to do with the scope of distribution, but not with the tool itself.
Comparison to other forms of knowledge sharing - no time limitation, public, shorter conversations "Issues of competition and secrecy" - when you run something up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes (or throw it against a wall to see if it sticks), someone might figure it out and publish before you do. There's also a real ethics problem in blogs about people not citing where they got their ideas (recently be-moaned here).


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