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Friday, July 23, 2004

Distributed KM - Improving Knowledge Workers' Productivity and Organisational Knowledge Sharing with Weblog-based Personal Publishing

The full v 0.9 draft of his paper mentioned earlier has been posted. A couple of notes:
  • "e-mail is successful because it is personal and social at the same time" -- when moving to blogs, there has to be a better permissions system to encourage trust. Even though there are many articles about employers scanning employee inboxes, employees still feel that it's their private domain. Standard blogs do not offer this.
  • blogs as personal filing cabinets -- good if they can be searched. If your workplace has an enterprise search engine or, even better, one with automatic categorization, then this works. Otherwise, you're just creating a list of useless data?!?
  • reducing misunderstanding -- does it? How about those quick to post who later regret and edit?
Check out his references, too. Lots of good stuff there.


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