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Saturday, June 26, 2004

j's Talk at Harvard Business School's Library

I blogged about my talk at Harvard Business School's Baker Library. Many people had really good questions. The kind of odd one was what kind of scholarly sources can we read to find evaluations of blogs so we don't have to go look at the blogs ourselves. One woman during the second talk had lots and lots of good technical questions. She kind of drove the presentation, but in a good way, I think. I had a difficult time balancing her technical interest with the general introduction I was giving to others. Near the end of the talk, I noticed some people in the audience rolling their eyes when she raised her hand. I really liked the interaction, though, so I didn't mind her questions. And they were questions I could address, so that helped. = )

I demoed posting to my blog and a few other things for her and hope she'll come to a future blog group meeting. It's great to be able to redirect people with lots of interest and questions to the Thursday night blog group at Harvard. It's too bad I won't necessarily have that luxury at ASIST.

I also had someone suggest two other places I should speak, including making a joint presentation to the SLA-Boston Chapter with someone who does knowledge management.

I also plugged our panel, since Providence isn't too far away.


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