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Friday, June 25, 2004

LIS Student Working on KM & Blogs

One of my favorite blog readers, Amy Disch, might do a portfolio for a class assignment on "knowledge management and how it can be facilitated through the use of blogs." Is it okay if I share the link to this blog with her? I think she would find our discussion and a lot of resources we've shared here very useful. If I explain to her our blog isn't for "public consumption," I'm certain she would respect that. Since she's in Wisconsin and a student, I also think it's highly unlikely that she would attend the ASIST Annual Conference, so reading what we're discussing about our panel won't ruin our session for her because she won't be there.

There's a chance her professor, Ed Cortez, whom I also had, might be at ASIST and might learn about the blog through her work, but I don't think that would really ruin anything for him.


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