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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Feeds and KM Presentation (.pdf)

I posted my presentation about feeds and knowledge management as a .pdf. It covers the basics of feeds and how they contribute to knowledge management.

I completely forgot to share the fantastic analogy my Dad gave me about feeds. My Dad's been in the computer industry for years. In my mind, he knows everything about computers. I could never surpass him in knowledge about computers and systems and stuff. When I was telling him about my presentation the other week, he acknowledged that like many people, he didn't know too much about feeds. I started explaining them to him and he said, "It sounds like you think you might be thirsty some day, so you go turn on a fire hose. That way when you're thirsty, you've got water to drink." Getting feeds can indeed be like that. But using and receiving feeds doesn't have to be as overwhelming as (pardon the cliche) drinking water from a fire hose. When we learn how to use them to our benefit, they can be quite powerful tools.

That analogy is why my slides have drops of water all over them.


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