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Thursday, May 13, 2004

WWW2004 Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem: Aggregation, Analysis and Dynamics

New York, May 18th 2004 Page links to pdf files of accepted papers:
  • How can we measure the influence of the blogosphere? Kathy Gill
  • Automatic Collection and Monitoring of Japanese Weblogs, Tomoyuki Nanno
  • Implicit Structure and the Dynamic of Blogspace, Eytan Adar
  • BlogPulse: Automated Trend Discovery for Weblogs, Natalie Glance
  • Personal Knowledge Publishing Suite with Weblog, Ikki Ohmukai & Hideaki Takeda
  • Mapping the Blogospere in America, Alex Halavais
  • Blogs as "Protected Space", Michelle Gumbrecht
Pointed out by Lilia Efimova


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